Sister day was canceled today. Something that I was really looking forward too. It’s been a long week at work and I wanted to see my sisters today. Well, that didn’t happen like I thought it was. For starters we agreed to sister day either on Sunday or Monday but we didn’t have our meetup time set or which restaurant we were attending set.

On Wednesday, I called one of my sisters and I chose the restaurant we would attend. We decided to let my older sister pick the time we would meet up. She mentioned 4 or 5:00 Saturday evening since she had to do some studying. She never gave us a definitive answer on time. So now Saturday rolls around and I get off work and grab my coffee, fill up my car, and head home.

Filling up my car.

I get in the house change my clothes and into my fluffy fleece pants and sweater because it was cold as hell this morning. I grab my phone and check and post to my social media like I always do, then the hubby comes downstairs saying that we need to pick up our glasses. In my mind I’m like not now it’s only 8:30 in the morning and Lens Crafters is not open yet. The hubby checks the time and then goes outside, so I just assumed he went to go pick up the glasses cause he was gone for a while.

I just continued with my social media stuff and trying to gather some content for my coffee chat live. The hubby comes back home at 10:30 this morning asking if I’m ready to go? Well, the answer is no. In my mind, I’m like I’m supposed to start the coffee chat at 10:30 or 11:00 this morning. When I told the hubby I thought he went to go get the glasses he like no, we all have to go cause they have to ensure the glasses fit our face. My mouth drops because I totally forgot about that. Now I’m checking the time to see how long will it take me to get ready. Thinking we can be back before 12:00 this afternoon. Nope that didn’t happen so now the coffee chat was canceled, sigh. We get in the car only to find out the hubby has to make two stops before picking up the glasses, meanwhile, I’m just looking at the time thinking I can just push it back to 1:00 this afternoon. We get to Lens Crafters only to find out that they didn’t have all of our glasses, only my daughter had glasses ready to be picked up. What??? After waiting for the glasses the hubby wanted to get something to eat, I didn’t want to but I wasn’t going to say no when everyone else was hungry. Red Robin’s was close by so we decided to go there. I tried to order lite since I knew I would be going out for sister day.

Here’s what I ordered at Red Robin.

I ordered the boneless wings, the house side salad, and fries. After eating and getting back home it was like a little after 2:00 p.m. and now I was ready for a nap. Around 3 something or 4:00 my sister Face Times me asking what was I doing and I told her sleeping. She was still doing her hair and we still haven’t decided on the time or heard back from my older sister. My middle sister decided that we should just push back sister day to the 17th Instead. So now sister day has been canceled, sigh. I already knew what I was going to order and everything now I have to wait till the 17th.

I called the hubby up since he was out with my daughter showing her how to take pictures and spending some father-daughter quality time. She’s taken a real interest in photography.

Well, I called him to tell him that sister day was canceled so we can go out to eat as a family just the three of us when they get back. My Saturday wasn’t a complete bust although I was looking forward to a couple of things, and it just seems like everything was canceled today. At the end of the day, I still get to spend time with family, sister day will still happen just not today and I can do the coffee chat tomorrow or maybe later on tonight. We did go to the restaurant that I planned to go to with my sisters. We went to Carrabba’s and it was worth it. I enjoyed everything we ordered. I definitely can’t wait to go back with my sisters.


My Saturday didn’t go as planned but I still enjoyed my day. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog post. Drop a comment down below and let me know what you think. I’ll see you around the blogs.

Self Care Tuesday

Hey guys, thanks for hanging out with me. I haven’t done a self care Tuesday post in awhile so I figured why not today. I love self-care Tuesday’s which use to be self-care Sunday but that’s a different story.

Tea Time

Let me start by saying that I love self-care. Self care looks different for everyone. I do self care Tuesday’s because it helpsTo keep me sane, lol. I enjoy pampering myself and so should you. I know that we all don’t get the chance to indulge ourselves in self care. Partly because of our schedules and just plain old life sometimes gets in the way. But I’m very adamant about ensuring that I set a little time aside for self care, and so should you. You could spend as little as 5 to 15 minutes a day on self care.

One of my favorite things to do for my self care Tuesday’s are to mask. I love masking, I’m getting older and I want to ensure that I age well. Masking isn’t the only thing that I do, I definitely love to switch things up. Sometimes I’m so tired that I might not get to my self-care Tuesday morning routine like I normally would. Self Care Tuesday’s can last up to 3 hours. It might seem strange but it’s not.

FitXR Workout

This past Tuesday I decided to work out in Virtual Reality with this app called FitXR. I’ve done a post about this a year ago but at the time it was called BoxVR. Since then the developers have added new layouts, graphics, and workouts. Let me just say my body has been aching for the last few days. Before I started my workout I indulged in a nice hot cup of tea and a slice of cake. I sat and rested my body for a hour or two then completed my workout, then immediately after I had a smoothie that I made up the day before. Let me just say that it was absolutely delicious. I told myself that I’m going to make an effort and stick to making up smoothies to enjoy in the mornings. Plus it’s a healthier option when I need a quick fix.

Blending my smoothie.

Self-care Tuesday was simple and short. It didn’t take me three hours, which was cool. A little relaxation with a cup of tea, a good workout in Virtual Reality and a delightful blended smoothie. It was just what I needed and I was able to get in bed on time which enabled me to get all the rest I required.

Do you set aside time for your self care needs? What does your self care routine look like? Drop a comment down below. Thanks for hanging out with me and I’ll see you around the blogs.

Will things go as planned?

Good Morning Guys! Thanks for hanging out with me. I’m saying good morning because it’s currently 4:17 A.M. on Saturday, March 13th, 2021, as I’m writing this blog post. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about, and honestly, I’m still not sure where I’m going with this post, hell I haven’t even come up with a title yet for this post. I think that I’m distracted by my television and the fact that I’m telling myself I should be asleep right now.

In my mind, I have all these things planned that I would like to do today. The problem is will I execute those plans. I’m already questioning myself since I’m still awake. I’m supposed to host my coffee chat on the Convoz platform this morning. I have the topic for the coffee chat but I wanted to lay out some questions and maybe do some fun facts or play true or false just to keep things fun. I was hoping to be in bed by at least 2 A.M. this morning but I’m not sleepy. It is now 4:39 A.M. And I’m still awake writing this post, lol.

I’m hoping I can put on some make-up today and hopefully, do something cute with my hair. I want to be able to run to Walmart and pick up a few things, make my coffee run, and be back home in time for the coffee chat. I just don’t want my day to pass me by. I know it can happen all because I’m still awake. Being awake like this makes it hard because my body won’t crash until later today. If I force myself to sleep will I end up waking up at a decent time? I know myself, once I feel tired and sluggish I’m not going to want to go through with anything on my list for today. I’m going to put my writing on pause for the moment turn out my light and try to get some sleep. Hopefully, I’ll get back to finishing this post today.

Coffee run

Fast forward it is now Monday, March 15th. I did get a little shut-eye and then I woke up around 7:25 A.M. on Saturday. I didn’t put on any makeup, but I did do something cute with my hair, made my store run, and still was able to do the coffee chat. It started later than I anticipated but that’s okay. We had a great chat that lasted for a few hours.

Went to see a movie.

For the most part, I think everything went as planned. I even had time for a little mommy and me time with my daughter. We had a movie date. We went to go see the new Tom and Jerry movie, then grabbed a bite to eat afterward then made our way back to the house. I was proud of myself that I was able to make the most of my day without letting it pass me by.

Sister Day

Hey guys! thanks for hanging out with me. Another Saturday has come and gone but I enjoyed the day by hanging out with my sisters. Ok, it wasn’t the whole day. We were supposed to meet up for lunch on Saturday. After getting off work Saturday morning, I made my Dunkin Donuts pit stop for coffee and donuts, then went to fill up Lady Spade which is my car. Then I proceeded to head home.

Feeding Lady Spade

Once I walked through the door I took everything off and put my bags down and took off my shoes. Grabbed my house slippers from upstairs and returned to the kitchen where I drank my coffee, enjoyed my donuts, and checked my social media accounts like I do every morning. Around 8:30 I changed my clothes because my husband and I had an appointment to do our taxes. By the time we finished, it was after 10 O’clock. My sisters and I hadn’t decided on a meetup time.

Bahamas Breeze Island Grille.

I did recommend the restaurant we went to. We ended up deciding on 3:30 as our meetup time. More like 4:00 because we left our house at 3:30. My oldest sister came to pick me up then we drove to my middle sister’s house and then she drove us to the restaurant. I didn’t get the chance to get a nap on Saturday so the whole drive to the restaurant I was asleep in the car. We pulled into the parking lot and my oldest sister got out to check the wait time and give them our names. We parked and waited until we were called.

Beef Empanadas

Once we were seated we could tell it was extremely warm. They didn’t have the air on at all, but eventually, the air did kick in by the time our food arrived. We all ordered the same meal which was the Jamaican plantain bowl. We each ordered a different frozen drink off the menu and my sisters recommended that I try the strongest one. We ordered two appetizers, the beef empanadas and spinach dip with tortillas. We enjoyed our sisterly conversation like always sharing our stories about life and what we’ve been currently up to. We also each ordered a meal to take home. I ordered the Jerk chicken pasta, which was fabulous. I ended up splitting the meal with my husband the next day.

The drinks were delicious.
I love spinach dip.
Jamaican Stuffed Plantain Bowl.

After leaving the restaurant we went back to my sister’s house and hung out for a while. Then we departed ways and went home. It was a lovely evening out with my sisters. We did decide that we will plan one day each month for sister day. I love my family ❤️.

I Lost My Wedding Ring.

Hi Guys! Thanks for hanging out with me. I hope you are all doing well. I think this will be my first post in 2021. I haven’t gotten around to writing much, but life happens and I write when I can. Anyway, let me stop rambling on and get on with today’s post.

Last week I lost my wedding ring. I was getting ready to leave work so I gathered all my things. I put my coat on the back of one of the chairs in our break room and my lunch bag on the table. I put my purse on the chair. I washed my hands and when I was finished, I dried them and reached into my purse to get out the lotion. I sat my lotion down on the table and I took off my wedding ring to Lotion up my hands.

Just so you know, I always take off my ring when I have to lotion my hands. I mean honestly who doesn’t remove their jewelry when they have to lotion or oil up their hands? When I took my ring off I placed it on the table next to my lunch bag. After I finished moisturizing my hands I put my sweater on and I could have sworn I put my ring back on. I put my lotion back in my purse and put on my coat.

I grabbed my purse and lunch bag and proceeded to clock out for the day. Once I made it home, I put my things down and made a cup of tea and had some cake. I went up stairs to take my shower because it was self care Tuesday and I always take my ring off before I get in the shower or go to bed. I didn’t realize until around noon that I didn’t have my ring. I was about to get in the bed and noticed that my ring was not on my finger.

So of course I started freaking out and looking everywhere. I checked all my usual places and I didn’t see my ring anywhere. The bathroom, my nightstand, my dresser, my chest, and the kitchen table. I checked my lunch bag, my purse, and still nowhere to be found. I checked my car and still nothing. This leads me to believe that I left it at work on the table. Days have gone by and still, I haven’t found it anywhere in my house. I did call my job to see if someone turned it in, but I haven’t heard anything else about it. Which also lets me believe that someone found it and kept it.

I was really upset that I lost my wedding ring. Now I have nothing to show from the day I got married. My husband was supportive about it but I’m still not happy about it. The hubby did say don’t worry because it was time for an upgrade. Short backstory when we got married we didn’t go out and buy really expensive rings and we didn’t do an engagement ring at all.

We just got wedding bands and that’s it. So my fingers are naked and if anyone ever looked at my hands they wouldn’t think I was a married woman. It’s a very weird feeling not having my wedding band. I feel like I’m missing a part of me. I can’t believe that I lost it. I know one thing, I can’t wait to get this upgrade. I also know that I should have been more careful with my prize possession. What would you do if this happened to you? Leave a comment down below and let’s talk about it.

Valentine’s Day.

Hey guys! Thanks for hanging out with me. I hope you’re all doing well on this fabulous Sunday. Today is February 14, 2021, and I hope you all still remember to social distance.

Okay, not to be a party pooper but Valentine’s Day is a bit overrated. It’s the time of the year when companies make a killing off of the love of other people. This one day when we go out and shop to buy cards, flowers, candy, dinner dates, etc…… Don’t get me wrong there was a time when I was all for Valentine’s day.

Taking the time to decide what I was going to buy and how I was planning the evening. Of course when I was dating my husband. Now that we’ve been married for 12 yrs and together forever, I don’t truly need to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Every day is Valentine’s day for me and my husband. Every once in a while we may buy each a card and he surprises me with flowers.

If we do anything for Valentine’s day it’s a family thing. We incorporate my daughter. We buy a card for her and give her a small piece of chocolate, or stuffed animal, and my husband and I will exchange a valentines day card. But this morning I made sure to tell him not to buy any Valentine’s day cards. He asked me why not? I told him because we don’t need to. He said but I love you, and I told him that I know and I love him too. That’s all that really matters. We don’t need one day to say I love you to each other when we say it and express it every day in our household.

I will admit that yesterday I did contemplate picking up V-day cards for everyone but this morning I knew I would be running out to grab my coffee from Duncan Donuts and I could just get it then. I realized why go through all the hustle and spending money when I don’t have to. We know what mean to each other and I don’t need Valentine’s day to validate that. Don’t get me wrong I’m not judging anyone who wants to celebrate Valentine’s day cause I have done in the past. I’m just stating that at this point in my life I don’t need to do that. Valentine’s day is just another day like all the rest of the holidays.

What’s your stance on Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate or is it just another day for you? Let me know down in the comments. Happy reading 🥰 and I’ll see you around the blogs.


Hi guys! Thanks for hanging out with me. As always, I hope you are all doing well during this pandemic. Remember to social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands.

On Saturday, January 2nd my husband and I and two friends went down to Atlanta to check out Krog Street Tunnel. It’s an area in Atlanta where people tend to take pictures while checking out the fabulous graffiti art and murals. I’ve lived in Georgia for 12 yrs and this was the first time that I’ve been down to Krog Street Tunnel.

I must admit that at first when my husband asked if I wanted to go and take pictures on Saturday my mind was like no, not really. But after getting dressed and putting on makeup I was ready to roll. We had some friends in town for a few days and they were working on a project. Not sure what the project was for but I didn’t care.

I loved the colors.

I was able to help the hubby get some shots for his company and I was able to get some shots for my vlog and blog.

Once we arrived at our destination, we ended up closer to the Krog Street Tunnel than we thought we would be. It was hard trying to find parking. After getting out of the car I had to decide exactly what I was going to be carrying with me because I ended up bringing a few bags since we were taking pictures. I opted to take my purse. While we were walking there were plenty of people out and about that day. The weather was decent, it wasn’t warm but it was cool.

The murals and graffiti art was fabulous. I truly loved everything I saw. I also loved some of the images my husband was able to capture. Not to toot my own horn, but I also loved the photos that I captured on Saturday. There was so much to see that we didn’t get the chance to see everything. It also would of felt like we were walking forever.


I did see a few murals that I really took a liking too. I’m also just blown away at the art these artist were able to create. My daughter is an artist and I’m blown away by the things she creates and she’s only 12. I would love to see her do a mural that would be awesome. I often wish that I could draw but I didn’t get that gene or talent should I say. My mother and sister has a talent for drawing.

I’m just going to share all my favorite pictures of the murals I really liked.

I thought this was pretty cool.

This is actually deep when you think about it. I tried to drown my demons but they learned how to swim.

I thought this was cute.

It definitely made me think back to when I was a kid and you’d asked your parents for change to play at the arcade.


Who doesn’t love 3D art? Just so you know, the tree and bush at the bottom is not apart of this picture, although it kind of seems like it.

Black art

I love seeing beautiful black art.

Love this.

Create your world. I’m definitely working on it.

This is so dope.

This was my absolute favorite. There were a few other murals that I loved as well so I’m just going to share them without any captions.

Saturday was a good day. I can’t wait to go back and visit Krog Street Tunnel again. Next time we’ll start on the end that we didn’t get the chance to really see. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and artwork. If you live in Atlanta Georgia let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been to Krog Street Tunnel? I’ll see you around the blogs.

Am I Obsessed With Using Filters And Are You?

Hi, guy thanks for hanging out with me. I hope you are all doing well, practicing social distancing, washing your hands, and staying safe in this Covid19 world.

Happy Saturday folks! I was just watching a YouTube video by the YouTuber Joulzey. She spoke about some things that I’ve been thinking about over the last year. She inspired me to finish writing this blog post, that I have been sitting on forever.

I love the animal face filters also.

I’m just going to start with Snapchat. Yes I love Snapchat and it’s filters. I always thought it was a cool and creative way to create content. Now everyone has incorporated filters into their apps especially if you can take a photo on the app or it involves editing photos and videos. But the real question is am I obsessed with using filters? I have asked myself that question quite a few times. How about yourself? Are you obsessed as well? I love a good filter but not one that truly alters my appearance. When I use a filter I want people to realize and recognize that it’s me, but not look like I’ve used a filter. Unless I’m doing something creative like this image below.

I used this image to promote today’s blog post.

Question two would be, why use a filter in the first place? Here’s why I do it. It’s fun, I’ve fallen in love with the filters that give the appearance of a person wearing makeup. It’s making up my face without having to actually apply makeup. Don’t get me wrong I love putting on makeup and always have from a kid, but it’s a lot of work. Every time I even think about applying makeup I change my mind. It just feels like too much, then thinking about taking it off is exhausting.

Vlogging while having my Morning coffee. #nofilter

It’s just easier to use a filter and be done. No mess, no clean up, and I don’t have to wash anything off. Boom I’m done and ready to take a selfie. I usually do this for my vlog and social media stories or posts. But I also make sure to show the real me without makeup. So if your watching my vlog or story, you always see the real me especially if I’m vlogging in the morning in my pj’s and making coffee. I don’t truly believe that I’m obsessed with using filters for my photos. I do like to be creative and mix things up. I do know that I’m not obsessed with filters like the women spoken about in the audio article I listened too.

I’m just me.

The name of the article was called The Age of Instagram face by Jia Tolentino. It is a really good read or listen if you choose the audio version, whichever you prefer. I won’t lie to you yes I love my filters but I’m not obsessed with using them. What about you? Are you obsessed with using filters? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll see you around the blogs 🥰.

FitXR Update

Hey guys thanks for hanging out with me today. As always I hope you are all feeling marvelous and I’m sending positive vibes your way just in case you’re not having a good day. I hope you continue to stay safe while we endure this pandemic.

Yesterday was Thursday, November 5th and there was a nice update I’ve been waiting for from the app FitXR. Now if your unsure what FitXR is… It’s a virtual reality workout app. I’ve spoken about this a while ago but the app had a different name at the time. It use to be called BoxVR, then they went through a major update and and changed the name to FitXR.

Well, yesterday’s update was big because they have now added a dance class feature for working out. It’s a nice alternative. I have yet to check it out but I will be testing it out this morning. Update I did get the chance to check it out but I only did a 3-minute workout. It was ok, it also made me feel like I couldn’t dance or keep up with the movements, lol. I’m a dancer so this should be a piece of cake. I’m looking forward to giving it another shot. It does make you feel like you have a private workout session with your dance instructor.

From watching the trailer it appeared as if you would be in a class setting doing your workouts with other people. I’m not completely sure if that’s an option, but I still have some other workouts to try out. I’m hoping this will get me motivated to get back into working out every morning in virtual reality. It may sound weird to some people but working out in virtual reality is a lot of fun and a different experience from your everyday work out.

FitXR Dance Update

Get your dancing shoes on because FitXR now includes dance workouts! This virtual fitness studio now includes full-body, cardio-driven dance workouts that bring the energy of a live fitness class right from the safety of your own home.

Perfect For: Fans of Dance Central, OhShape, and Audio Trip

Developer: FitXR

Available On: Oculus Quest Platform

If you haven’t tried out any virtual reality gaming stop wasting time and get yourself an Oculus Quest 2 this holiday season. If you love working out jump on in with FitXR. You’re going to love it. Hopefully, I’ll see you in VR and If I don’t then I’ll see you around the blogs. 🥰👋🏽

It’s Here

Hey guys thanks for hanging out with me today. Hope you are all doing well and keeping yourself and loved ones safe during this pandemic.

Back in August, someone posted pictures of a VR headset stating that this is going to be the new quest. In my VR community everyone thought no way will there be a new headset released, it’s just too soon. I surely felt the same way. Well, September rolls around, and some leaked pictures and video that yes indeed there will be another Oculus VR headset coming out. Facebook Connect happened and confirmed it.

Facebook wants a billion people in VR. They made a new and much more affordable headset, so it’s easier to get people to try out virtual reality. I didn’t plan on getting another headset because I love the one I have. Plus I was on the fence about this newer model and what it had to offer. I ended up breaking down and decided to go ahead and purchase the Quest 2. I have not been disappointed with my purchase at all. Yes, it has some pros and cons, and I’m okay with that.

I’m okay with that.

I thought I’d have an issue with the head strap since it was one of the most talked-about things on the Quest 2. It turned out that I didn’t have an issue as some people did and I’m thankful for that. I think my main issue with this new headset is the fact that I have to replay all my games over from the beginning. The upside to that is I still have my original quest and I can finish those games on that headset and save the new games for the Quest2.

Look I’m not going to ramble on about it but I know one thing. I love my Quest 2 just like I love the Quest. No big issues or major complaints from me. The Quest 2 is a lighter headset so it doesn’t feel front heavy on your face. The original strap is just for me but I did purchase the elite head strap. Which is always an option to the original head strap. I did do an unboxing video which I’ll be sharing on my IG TV as well as my YouTube Channel. If you have never tried Virtual Reality and really would like to get into it without spending tons of money on a gaming PC, then the Oculus Quest 2 is for you. They have two headsets to choose from. $299.00 and $399.00 and the difference between the two is the gigabytes. Once you try it you will surely fall in love with VR. The gaming library is always expanding and there’s something for everyone. Hopefully, I’ll meet you in the Virtual World. If we do, don’t forget to add me so we can play a few multiplayer games together. I’m Kiyana411 on the Oculus platform.