About Me

Hello World, I’m Kiyana. I’m a Aries who loves life and people. If you know anyone in your life who’s an Aries, then you know that they love hard, can be a bit stubborn but we are truly great friends, down to earth, love to have fun, don’t take no mess from anyone, creative, driven, wild, strange and ultimately ¬†an all around amazing individual.
I’m married and a mother of an amazing 9 yr old. And I enjoy our mommy and me moments that we create and share over on our Facebook page. It’s called Kiyana and Jiya Presents Mommy and Me. I’ll be sharing the things I love and talking about topics that interest me. Hold on because your hanging with Kiyana, where I share bits and pieces of me and my life, the good, bad and the ugly. At the end of the day I’m just me.