Am I Obsessed With Using Filters And Are You?

Hi, guy thanks for hanging out with me. I hope you are all doing well, practicing social distancing, washing your hands, and staying safe in this Covid19 world.

Happy Saturday folks! I was just watching a YouTube video by the YouTuber Joulzey. She spoke about some things that I’ve been thinking about over the last year. She inspired me to finish writing this blog post, that I have been sitting on forever.

I love the animal face filters also.

I’m just going to start with Snapchat. Yes I love Snapchat and it’s filters. I always thought it was a cool and creative way to create content. Now everyone has incorporated filters into their apps especially if you can take a photo on the app or it involves editing photos and videos. But the real question is am I obsessed with using filters? I have asked myself that question quite a few times. How about yourself? Are you obsessed as well? I love a good filter but not one that truly alters my appearance. When I use a filter I want people to realize and recognize that it’s me, but not look like I’ve used a filter. Unless I’m doing something creative like this image below.

I used this image to promote today’s blog post.

Question two would be, why use a filter in the first place? Here’s why I do it. It’s fun, I’ve fallen in love with the filters that give the appearance of a person wearing makeup. It’s making up my face without having to actually apply makeup. Don’t get me wrong I love putting on makeup and always have from a kid, but it’s a lot of work. Every time I even think about applying makeup I change my mind. It just feels like too much, then thinking about taking it off is exhausting.

Vlogging while having my Morning coffee. #nofilter

It’s just easier to use a filter and be done. No mess, no clean up, and I don’t have to wash anything off. Boom I’m done and ready to take a selfie. I usually do this for my vlog and social media stories or posts. But I also make sure to show the real me without makeup. So if your watching my vlog or story, you always see the real me especially if I’m vlogging in the morning in my pj’s and making coffee. I don’t truly believe that I’m obsessed with using filters for my photos. I do like to be creative and mix things up. I do know that I’m not obsessed with filters like the women spoken about in the audio article I listened too.

I’m just me.

The name of the article was called The Age of Instagram face by Jia Tolentino. It is a really good read or listen if you choose the audio version, whichever you prefer. I won’t lie to you yes I love my filters but I’m not obsessed with using them. What about you? Are you obsessed with using filters? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll see you around the blogs 🥰.