Facebook Groups (Oculus Quest)

Hey guys, what’s up! Happy Wednesday! Thanks for hanging out with me today, I truly appreciate it.

I’m sure we have all joined a Facebook group. Maybe even started our own Facebook groups, I know I have. If you’ve read my last blog post, I talked about the Oculus Quest, and if you’ve read the post before that I talked about making a slow return to Facebook.

Well after buying my Oculus Quest, I joined a few Facebook Oculus Quest groups. It’s been really fun making new friends and connections due to the Oculus Quest. I’ve found a new reason to open up Facebook. I enjoy checking out my Oculus Quest groups, just to see what everyone is talking about and posting.

I love hearing all the great tips and info our group members have to offer.

I can get so lost in my Oculus Quest Facebook groups trying to keep up with the conversation. It’s really amazing and I’m surprised just how much I enjoy it. One of the groups that I being too does a virtual reality meet up every weekend. I can’t say enough how amazing it is. It’s strange, crazy and awesome and you really have to experience it for yourself. Sometimes I get so caught up in my Facebook groups that I forget to get some Virtual Reality time in, Lol 😆

Do you have any Facebook groups that you absolutely love being apart of? If so, sound off in the comments below so I can check them out.

Oculus Quest

Hey guys what’s up, how’s it going I hope everyone’s doing well. OK, so where do I begin let’s start off with I received my very late Christmas gift which was the Oculus Quest.

OK, so back in December the hubby approached me and said that he planned on surprising me this Christmas with a gift. I told him he didn’t have to get me anything we don’t normally exchange gifts for Christmas it’s normally just about my daughter on Christmas. He went on to say that he knows but he wanted to tell me what it was since he couldn’t find the hottest item on the market and that he still planned on getting me one.

I got really excited and had the biggest cheesiest grin on my face. He said he looked everywhere but they were still out. I started looking immediately online. I knew it would be sold out because it was and still is a hot item on the market. I checked all the retailers that carried the oculus quest and they were all out of stock. I signed up for the mailing list to be notified as soon as the quest was available. I checked Amazon and the prices were sky high for the Oculus Quest. I mean they were selling the VR headset from $600 and up. The Oculus is Quest is sold for $400 for the 64 gigabytes and $500 for the 128 gigabytes.

For a brief second, I found a seller on Amazon that had the quest for $500, but within a blink of an eye, it was gone and no longer available. Then I kicked myself because I forgot all about the Oculus website. So I checked and they had some in stock. The only thing is that I had to wait until February for them to ship it out to me. The time has finally arrived and I’m truly excited. It came a few days earlier than expected, but I waited till the weekend to open it. I did an unboxing for my YouTube channel, so go and check it out and show me a little support, lol. I could definitely use the views. Needless to say that I really love my Quest. Plus I’m saving money Instead of booking VR experiences someplace else. The money spent on going to a VR GAMING spot, made me realize that it only makes sense to just invest in my own VR gear. So glad we did, and now I’m hoping my husband will get one as well. He’s definitely mentioned it to me. Right now it does appear that the Oculus Quest has been sold out pretty much everywhere, but hopefully one will be available when he’s ready to get one.

How many of you have tried a virtual reality experience? Would you try it? Do you or anyone you know have an Oculus Quest?

I Might Be Making A Come Back To Facebook.

Hi 👋 Guys! Thanks for hanging out with me. I stopped using Facebook as my everyday go-to platform since I started using Instagram. I opened the Facebook app like clockwork, every day. Nowadays I occasionally open the app. Maybe when I want to post something or just checking my Facebook stories.

The week before last my Oculus Quest came. This was a late Christmas gift due to the item being sold out everywhere. Now that I have it and it’s all set up, I figured that I would need to make some new friends who all own an Oculus Quest. I decided to join a few Facebook groups for the Oculus Quest. Groups that have great information and a place to meet new people. By joining these new groups, I’ve found myself opening up the Facebook app as I use too. It’s kind of weird.

I’m ready to open the app, just to see if there’s a new post in any of my oculus groups. I’m always searching for new information to answer certain questions I may have about my Oculus Quest. Joining these groups just might make me a daily user of the Facebook app once more. Honestly, only time will tell.

Do you belong to any Facebook groups that you’re excited about?