Can I Give Up Coffee?

Hi guys, thanks for hanging with me.

for a while, I’ve been contemplating if I should give up coffee. So technically I told myself that I would eventually, you know just kick my coffee habit. So my plan simply was this, once I finished consuming the coffee I had at home, that it would be the last of my indulgence in coffee. it didn’t really pan out that way. So what started this whole get up about me kicking my coffee habit? honestly, I don’t even believe it’s a habit but it is something that I choose to do simply because I could and I like it.

My consideration for giving up coffee started with me noticing the change around and under my eyes. I realized that I developed dark circles and puffiness around and under my eyes so that just can’t happen or at least continue to happen. Actually, this is really how I incorporated or started to incorporate more water into my diet thus me giving up soda dealing with my eye situation. Even after giving up the soda and increasing my water, I still hadn’t noticed a change in my eyes. And for the life of me it’s just driving me absolutely nuts, bankers even.

Granted I know that I’m not getting any younger; I’m only getting older and as you get older you start to deal with things you didn’t have to deal with as a young adult. It’s been at least a year that I’ve been dealing with my eye situation and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what I honestly need to do. I truly hoped that the increase in water would totally fix it and the fact of giving up soda would totally help but things still seem the same; granted I don’t think my dark circles are as bad as they were but I think it’s more so the puffiness under my eyes that’s really killing me.

I’ve done some reading and I read that coffee can contribute to puffiness of the eyes due to the sugar. What I really need to do is eliminate sugar from my diet. Easier said than done, I know. If I could learn to drink my coffee black that would be great and healthier. The best way to consume coffee is to drink it black. Needless to say, I’m not quite there yet.

I realize that if I want to see a difference in my eyes than I truly need to stop consuming caffeine. Which means that I need to stop drinking coffee. If I give up coffee all together then I hope I’d see a noticeable difference in my eyes. I drink coffee every day, usually at night when I make a cup to take to work. On the weekends I might have two cups, but it depends on the mood I’m in.

I use to drink tea every day and I never had an issue with my eyes, although I put sugar in my tea and it already has caffeine in it, I find that totally weird. Who knows maybe it’s really because I’m getting older and that’s just what it is. Either how you shape it, I don’t want to contribute to a problem if I can avoid it altogether. So when this last can of coffee is finished, I’ll totally be done with coffee.

What do you think, do you think I can give up coffee? Sound off in the comments below.

Let me know if you have experienced something similar.

Silly Me, There’s Always Decaf.

Hey guys thanks for hanging with me. Silly me, I was talking with a friend and I was telling him how I planned to give up coffee. hopefully, you guys have read my other blog post titled can I really give up coffee. This particular blog post is a follow-up to that.As I was speaking with a friend the other day, about me giving up coffee due to the fact of noticing puffy eyes.

If you’ve read any of my other blog posts you might’ve noticed somewhere along the line that I’ve mentioned dealing with my current Eye situation… meaning Experiencing puffy eyes. As I spoke about this in my last post, you know that; yes I’m getting older and that may be contributing to what I’m experiencing. I’m consuming a lot of caffeine and I’ve heard that can lead to puffy eyes; so in order to eliminate that I plan to give up coffee.

Let me fast forward, as I share this information with a friend of mine he simply informed me that I should just switch to decaf. It never once crossed my mind to switch to decaf, silly me. I’ve never tried decaf before and I forgot that decaf coffee existed. In my mind, it’s totally understandable why the thought never entered my mind. Now to some people, this may just seem like an excuse not to give up coffee. If I can be frank with you; I do feel like I’m making up excuses to continue enjoying coffee. Maybe I will notice a difference if I even consider switching to decaf and maybe I won’t. I’ll never know if I don’t give it a shot.

Once I’m done with my last can of Folgers coffee, I will definitely be picking me up some decaf coffee. Let’s see if I notice a difference. What about you guys, do you drink regular or decaf coffee? Which do you prefer? Sound off in the comments below and let me know if you think I’m just making up excuses for not giving up coffee.

Feeling Guilty

I feel like a sinner. I feel as if I’m backsliding right now. Last year I gave up drinking soda and wanted to consume more water in my diet simply because it’s healthier for me. Now I will have a soda if we go out to eat, but that’s it. While I’m at home I try to drink as much water as possible. If I’m feeling like I had enough water or want something with a little more flavor than I’ll have some juice. Just enough to taste.

I went into the supermarket this morning and picked up a few things for dinner. While I was trying to locate the juice since they were remodeling certain parts of the supermarket, I stopped in the soda aisle and picked up a Dr. Pepper. As soon as I picked it up; I could feel my inner self saying you know better. I was feeling guilty for even thinking about buying it and bringing it home. The last thing I want to happen is me falling back into my old habits of drinking soda every day. That’s not what I want for myself.

It’s so weird, once upon a time, I would never feel guilty for buying soda. I’m at the point when I do consume soda I think of it as being a treat. I went from soda to seltzer water, to flavored water to finally just drinking plain water. I’ve definitely come a long way. Honestly I know that I shouldn’t feel guilty, but strangely enough, I do. I know there isn’t anything wrong with having a soda here or there; as long as I don’t fall back into my old ways. I really admire my husband because he doesn’t drink soda at all, heck he barely drinks fruit juice. He drinks water with every meal unless we dine out. When we usually dine out he’ll have an Arnold Palmer or strawberry lemonade. I told him that I’m really trying to get to where he is. Drinking water every day and having it with every meal. Honestly, I really do commend myself because I’ve done extremely well incorporating more water into my diet and sticking with it. It’s so weird because I only feel guilty when I’m in the supermarket. I pass by the soda aisle and my mind starts telling me how good soda would taste. Then that second voice in my head says no, just keep walking. It sounds crazy; I know, lol. Usually, I’m good at listening to that inner voice of mine, but sometimes I totally give in. This leaves me feeling guilty during the rest of my shopping trip and when I get home.

Have you worked on overcoming something and then felt guilty because you’ve had a relapse? Let me know about it down in the comments section.