Infatuated With My Husband.

I was laying in bed and gazing at my husband as he slept. The biggest smile came over my face simply because it’s the greatest feeling in the world to know that I love him so much and he loves me just as much.
I get butterflies and I’m kind of like a kid in the candy store.

When your In love with your spouse and you feel that love every single day; I truly know that I’m blessed. Now I’m not saying that it’s all cotton candy and rainbows but it’s pretty damn close. I’m not saying that we have the perfect marriage because no one does, but in my eyes this is what I would call perfect. It’s perfect for me; perfect for us.

Granted we all have our ups and downs but the good definitely out weighs the bad.
It’s a blessing to be infatuated with my husband because some couples don’t have that. Some couples fall out of love with one another. A marriage is a work in progress, a partnership. It takes a lot of work, communication, patience, strength, intimacy and love. You can never forget those things when it comes to your marriage.

I simply want to be madly in love with my husband until the day I die. I want to keep that whirlwind feeling like it was in the beginning, when we were dating. I can sit at home on my sofa and gaze out the window and all I’m thinking about is him and I. Holding hands, kissing, hugging. Just writing about this makes me smile. It’s so funny because often times than not I find myself thinking about the little moments that we’ve shared; like a trip to the store holding hands, maybe he squeezed my ass or even when he pulls me in close for a kiss; or even when we’re driving and he kisses my hand. Those are the little things that drives me crazy about that husband of mine. Sometimes I’ll have to catch myself cause people might think I’m crazy walking around with the biggest smile ever, while not knowing what I’m thinking about. I think continuing to ensure that your doing certain things in your relationship keeps it fresh, interesting and fun. It also lets your spouse know that you’re into them just as much if not more than when you first got together.

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