I’m Feeling Myself.

Hi guys, what’s up? So look; we all have those days where we’re feeling ourselves some days better than others. Last weekend was one of them for me. Last Saturday on July 26th 2019 I was in Maryland with my family for our Family Reunion. We left a day eat to head up that way and we stayed at the Super 8 in Lavale. When I woke up Saturday morning I brushed my teeth washed my face, then laid out some clothes for the day. Wasn’t to sure what I was going to wear because I thought the weather would of been pretty cool, judging the way the temperature dropped on Thursday night.

I was already kicking myself simply because I forgot to pack a pair of jeans in case it was to chilly for me. I did however have my Capri pants and black top my sister bought me for my birthday. I love the way the pants fit and the top was just the cutest. After returning from eating our continental breakfast we came back to the room and showered then got dressed. I loved the way my outfit made me feel, plus I had the music going so that totally put me in a good mood. My vibe was like no other that day. I just simply felt really beautiful.
Now my outfit was a casual outfit, but I could totally pull off a dressy vibe as well.

Since I was feeling beautiful, I thought that I should put on makeup. Now I really love makeup but I’m always so lazy to the point that I don’t usually feel like applying any. But on Saturday I was like yaaassss hunty; put your makeup on. Once I finished making up my face I really felt gorgeous, stunning and beautiful. I was truly feeling myself. I didn’t overdue it with the makeup either, I simply applied some eyeliner, bronzer, eyeshadow, blush and lipstick, Totally simple.
Some days I just don’t feel beautiful at all, but every now and again I have that moment where I completely feel beautiful and I’m like look at me.

That Saturday I just felt radiant and no one could tell me otherwise. I will say this, if they did they would just be hating.
It’s nice to have those days where your feeling yourself. I think it’s totally okay and natural to have days or moments like that. I really wish I had more days like that. I told myself that I’ll just have to do a little extra every now and again. I’m thinking I’ll just create some vanity posts for my Instagram where you can clearly see that I’m feeling myself. Ok, after reading that line it sounds kind of weird, but you know what I mean, lol.

Ladies and gentlemen I want to know, do you be feeling yourselves? How often do you have moments or days like these? Drop a comment and let’s talk about it.