So, I totally stopped checking to see if my Audio Blog Podcast would be distributed to other podcasting platforms. I just so happen to see a friends post on one of my social media platforms about Anchor, and how they made some updates to their platform, so I decided to check it out.

After logging in to my account and browsing around I started checking my stats for my podcast which led me to hit the submit button once again for my audio blog podcast. I actually looked twice at what I was reading. My audio blog podcast is now available on Spotify. I’m really excited about that. It didn’t make it its way to all platforms listed but at least I made it to one. That’s a great start in my book. Because now this just might push me back into being consistent on Anchor.
I also have to do some promotion to let folks know that they can find me on Spotify.

Before I jump the gun and promote anything, I’m going to record a few Audio Blog Podcasts then i’ll promote it. I might start off with at least one promotion for my social media platforms since I already have content up that they can listen too. I just won’t go overboard with it. I’m really thinking about starting another anchor station for just story telling. Where I can finish my Last Few Days Podcast.
It’s just a thought for now. I won’t jump into anything else, with everything else I’m trying to do and stay on top of.

I really am excited you can find me on Spotify. I didn’t even make any of the changes they informed me about. If I do, then I just might make it to all podcasting platforms.
I opened up my email and I had a few more notifications that my podcast is now on Breaker, Google Podcast and RadioPublic.
That’s freaking awesome. I still didn’t make any changes that I was informed about.
Maybe it just takes time to be cleared for podcasts to be released on other platforms.

With that being said I need to get on the ball and record some podcasts. Well let me take a step back for a few minutes. I really need to be writing new blog posts that I will turn into podcasts. Hence my audio blog podcasts. It’s crunch time baby. I’m going to stay positive, hopeful and keep my fingers crossed that my podcasts will be successful.

Here is my link to my podcast for Spotify


Here is my link to my podcast for Google Podcast. Currently this link will only work for Android Devices.


Here is the link for my podcast to Breaker


Here is the link to my podcast on RadioPublic.


Check out my audio blog podcast today and let me know what you think.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

My Audio Blog Podcast.

I just posted my 1st official audio Blog podcast.
So I’ve used anchor for over two years and I decided to take a hiatus from the platform.
Occasionally I’ll pop in and record something but then never publish it to be heard.
Today I finally decided to release my fist audio Blog Post podcast , which is centered around my Personal Blog.
Today’s post was about being scared of turning forty.

I thought an audio Blog would be a great way to introduce people to my blog just in audio form.
It’s like telling a story that you hear over the radio. It took me a few takes before I decided to publish it. Not only that but I’ve finally decided to have it placed on other podcasting platforms. Eventually I’m hoping to activate sponsorships, that’s available to all platform users of anchor; but first I have to regain my audience back. Truthfully that’s going to take some work and dedication.
All of which I’m unsure of having.
In my mind, I have a plan worked out for when I should be posting for my audio blog podcast.
Whether or not it happens is a different story.

I had high hopes that I could have my audio blog podcast published on all podcasting platforms but it turns out they denied my request because there are some things that I need to change and fix. Once I get that figured out hopefully I will not have any issues.
Honestly, this feels like a setback. I really wanted my audio blog post-Sacred of 40, But Should I be to be published first. But since I haven’t quite figured out exactly what needs to be changed makes this a daunting task. Anchor doesn’t tell you exactly what the issue is. They instead give you a list of things to go through and check out. It seems like trial and error with this. Once I’ve completed the changes I can then resubmit my podcast which takes at least 3 days or so to review and then notify me if I received the green light.

In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out what will be next for my audio blog podcast. I will admit that I haven’t written anything new for my blog although I have a few topics I’ve started on but haven’t finished. If I can’t pull this off, then I might have to rethink this whole audio blog podcast and stick to a regular podcast like I wanted to originally do. First I really want to see how this will work out for me.

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts?

Would you listen to an audio blog podcast?