Have you ever heard of Candytopia? If not then where have you been? I’m so ready and excited for this.
For the last month in and half, I’ve seen this Instagram Ad for Candytopia. It’s this whole art exhibit about candy. Everything is made out of candy. I’ve even read that they have a marshmallow pit. I think that’s the number one thing I’m looking forward too.

Candytopia is supposed to give you a Willy Wonky experience so to speak. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews. I honestly thought that they would only be in Atlanta for the month of February, as It turns out that’s not the case. I was a little upset that I wouldn’t get the chance to actually go see Candytopia but the hubby purchased tickets last month for this weekend.

Now that the time is drawing near, I can’t contain my excitement. I haven’t even told Jiya yet. Jiya is my 10 yr old mini me. There will be lots of selfies and video. I haven’t decided if I should go live on Instagram or Periscope. I’m such a social media junkie. I definitely have to Snapchat my experience then I’ll add it to my Instagram. I’m just not sure how I will periscope and take pictures.

I’m excited to see all the artwork made out of delicious candy treats. I’m also hoping that they will give out a few candy treats as we’re viewing all the art. As soon, as I saw the Candytopia Ad pop up on my feed, I knew I had to check this out. I thought this would be a great way to spend quality time with family while creating great memories and having a good time.

How could anyone pass this up? If Candytopia was in your city would you attend the art exhibit? Unless you’re not fond of candy. I can see it now, I’ll probably be the biggest kid there. Even just saying the name Candytopia puts a smile on my face. It just feels like a great way to have loads of fun on a Saturday.

Manifesting What I Want.

Okay, I’ve thought about this over and over again. Manifesting the things I want. There are quite a few people who definitely believe in manifestation. To some degree, I believed in manifestation. I remember that I told myself I want to be in a least one music video. Well, it did happen, I went to a casting call and was chosen to be in a music video. The artist was Monie Love one of the great female MC’s of the ’80s.

One of her biggest hits was Monie in the middle. Although I was in a music video, I never had the chance to see it air on television. Actually, if I’m not mistaken the video was aired overseas. Monie wasn’t even there in the scene I was chosen for. I don’t even know what the name of the song was. There was no music just some footage of me and a few others sitting out in front of a brownstone in Manhattan dancing. I will say it was the fastest $100 dollars I ever made.

Ok, let me get to the point. I kept telling myself that me being in a music video would happen and it did. Now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t an overnight thing that just happened. At the time I had been working on my music career and trying to make it in the entertainment industry. So I would go out on auditions and join a few girl groups. The point I’m making is that I spent a lot of time telling myself that and one day it happened, although not the way I expected.

All that time me telling myself I’m going to be in at least one music video was me manifesting it into existence. I didn’t realize it at the time. At the time it was more like me wishing, hoping and praying it will happen. It also feels like I demanded it to happen. I have a few friends who talk about manifesting their goals or whatever, they are working on and they say that you have to be clear about what it is that you are seeking or asking for. I understand that now.

I definitely plan to do some reading on manifesting. I’ve started working on manifesting what I want for my blog. I know that I still have work to do, which is why I really need to do some reading about the subject. Especially if I want to make sure that I’m doing it right. I was reading that there are 5 steps you can implement to put the laws of attraction into action.

Here are five steps to put the Law of Attraction to work for you, your company, employees and clients.
1. Know what you truly want. …
2. Focus on gratitude and positive self-talk. …
3. Be intentional with communication. …
4. Visualize success. …
5. Accountability is key.

I’ve already starting implementing these five steps towards my blog. I’ll continue to strive and see where this road takes me.

Sometimes You Have To Treat Yourself.

Okay, I totally thought that I wasn’t going to make it to First Watch this morning. After getting up and getting dressed and getting into the car, I pulled out my car keys only to realize that the tip of my key had broken off in my purse. You could imagine the shock on my face. I had to wake my husband up which I didn’t want to do, just to ask him where was his spare key to my car. This mornings goal was to get up and get out and come back as soon as possible, or at least before everyone woke up in my house.

I was nearly about to change my mind about coming here since the hubby couldn’t find his spare key to my car right away. But when he did I said to myself you know what, you’re going to First Watch, yes you are. I’ve only been trying to get back here the last three weekends. Something always seems to happen and I never make it there. Usually, I plan to come here on Saturday mornings when I get off from work, but things never go as planned.

Well now that I have the key, I jump into the car and head to First Watch. I love that I was the very first customer of the morning. I didn’t have to wait to be seated and it didn’t take long for my order to come out. I’ll tell you this I am in heaven right now as I enjoy my avocado toast. I was hoping to place a to-go order, but the menu item I wanted is no longer being served at the restaurant. Only because it was a special and they change their specials every 10 months. At least I think that’s what my waitress said. I am considering coming back tomorrow, and trying out the So cal Burrito. I didn’t order the kale tonic I just had water. Which I’m proud of myself because I just about finished the whole jar.

Anyway, I honestly believe that when you work hard you should treat yourself. Whatever that may be for you. I like taking myself out to eat while I enjoy a little time for myself.
I’m curious to know what you guys think.
Do you believe you should treat yourself every once in awhile? I think we owe it to ourselves, what about you? What are some of the things you do to treat yourself? Post your thoughts in the comments below.
Happy Sunday Funday.

Snapchat What Was I Thinking?

I just want to say that I’ve really, really missed you. I know that I haven’t been faithful to you. I know that I’ve turned my intentions elsewhere and that I’ve been spending time in other places. I have not been focused on you. I realize that I only pop in from time to time or when a friend has left a message. I only come around when I take family trips or if I’m hanging out someplace new.

I remember how it used to be. I seen you everyday no matter what. Actually I seen you a few times throughout the day. Checking to see what’s new, if I had any messages or how many people viewed my story. I loved you, I was in love with you and your filters. I mean, I wrote a whole blog post about how your filters give me life.

I found the excitement in you, I love the fun I had with you and sharing you with others. I loved you even more when bitmojis were released. You gave me new features that added to my creativity. But you were a little late with getting on board with GIFS. Which in turn I found myself visiting you less and less. You introduced a 32 person video chat and when I tried that, it wasn’t what I had hoped it to be. Before I knew it, I stopped checking in on you all together. Then you went on ahead and took away the paintbrush feature.
Which was like the second thing on my list that I loved about. At least if I popped in I knew that would be available to me. But you decided to take it away from me for whatever reason. That didn’t make me happy. It left me searching for new apps that could do what you did for me. I found a few but it’s not the same.

I’m babbling on and I know it. I decided to pay you a visit one day, and it just hit me. What was I thinking? I realized how much I missed you. Even if you have taken some things away from me. I think I figured out a way to fall back in love with you again. I have to take it slow but I’m working on it. I’ve been popping in on you a little more frequently. It takes time to get back to that place where I once was. SnapChat What Was I Thinking? I’m on the path to fixing my love for you.

Do you ever feel this way? Do you have apps that you love, that may, in turn, disappoint you? If so share in the comments below.


Hi Guys! It’s definitely been awhile since my last blog post. Actually There is one that I’m working on but it’s not quite finished. Anyway I thought I’d start creating my blog posts based around my vlog posts, that I do on Instagram. The goal is to keep me writing and creating content for my blog consistently.

I believe that I’ve talked about this before, trying to remain consistent with blogging. I start off great maybe for a couple of days then I tend to fall off.

With this new plan in mind I hope that it will work much better for me. Once again I’m making another attempt at keeping up with my blog. That idea was to ensure that I can grow my blog and gain readers who will hopefully enjoy my content. Only if I can stay consistent.

It’s not like I have a specific niche like most bloggers. I have a personal blog where I share things happening in my life and about the stuff I love. I don’t really think that I’ve given much thought about if other people will find my content valuable or insightful. I started a blog because I like writing and I hoped other people might like what I share. Writing has always given me a way to express myself and what I’m feeling. I’m really trying to do my best at keeping consistent while also keeping in mind, what others may be interested in.

It’s crazy because it’s like you have to be aware of every little thing. Are you providing value, is your content interesting or boring, are you being mindful of your readers time. Sometimes it’s just so much that I don’t even want to think about it. I feel like throwing my hands up in the air and saying forget about it. Only to circle back and ask myself, why are you blogging in the first place?

I actually started this blog post a few days ago, then I had to take a break and walk away from it. I think I’ve been doing okay so far with the consistency of writing for my blog. So I have goals in mind to keep me writing and that’s just what I plan to do. It appears to work for me so far. For now, I’ll continue down this road until I feel as if I need to make changes.

I do have a question for you. What type of blogs do you like to read? If it’s a personal blog, what do you hope to learn or gain from reading it? Let me know down in the comments.

Written by Kiyana411

Self Care Tuesday, Green Tea Antioxidant.

Hi guys, Happy Tuesday. Once again it’s self-care Tuesday. I totally had planned to do a facial for today’s self-care Tuesday but I’m really tired. My body feels exhausted from work and running errands this morning not to mention cooking dinner. At least I got everything done and out of the way.
For my Instagram story the plan was to keep it short as possible, this way I can make it to my bed to rest.

Today I decided to have tea for self-care Tuesday. Earlier at work, my stomach was really bothering me so when I made it home I fixed this Giner Peach Herbal tea by Bigelow. It’s to help promote a calm stomach. After drinking that I fixed another cup of tea by Celestial Seasonings it was their Green Tea Antioxidant with White Tea. Which taste pretty good. I love teas that you don’t have to add any sugar or sweeteners to it. I also love teas that are smooth in taste.

I now have a long list of teas that I consider my favorite. Simply because they have a really good flavor with a smooth taste. You never need a sweetener and my list of teas are wonderful for your body. What’s not to like or love? I try to make a conscious effort to do something every Tuesday for my self. I think we all should be taking the time to practice self-care. Often times we tend to let our self-care needs go. When you factor in work life, family life and all the little things in between. It’s imperative that we set aside some time for self-care.

How often do you practice self-care? What will you do for Self-Care Tuesday? Leave a comment below. Thanks for hanging out with me. Happy Self-Care Tuesday!

Written by Kiyana411

Up In The Air Saturday, but not really.

Hi guys, Happy Saturday! Thanks for hanging out with me today. Today is up in the air Saturday, although this Saturday is really not up in the air. Let me explain…… Up in the air Saturday is what I post on my Instagram account. When Saturday rolls around I’m never really sure what I’ll be sharing to my story, so I call it up in the air. I don’t have a specific topic to talk about or anything like that so it’s my way of letting my viewers know, that I could post anything on Saturday.

Now today is a little bit different simply because I have actual plans today.
I’m getting together with my sisters so we can hang out. The plan is to go see a movie; What Men Want to be exact. Afterward, I’m sure we will grab a bite to eat as we play catch up. Swapping stories and venting as we share with each other what’s new in our lives.
We all need some girl time and downtime from our husbands and kids.
Not to mention a lot of girl talk and drinks. Well, maybe a drink since we all have to drive.

I always look forward to hanging out with my sisters. We laugh a lot and have a good time. Which is what we’re supposed to do. When was the last time you hung out with your sisters? Even if their really close friends that you consider to be sisters. Let me know down in the comments. I might just do a spin-off post so that this one isn’t so long.

I did enjoy my Saturday hanging with my sisters. The movie What Men Want was absolutely hilarious. Very entertaining I must say. We laughed non stop, the sound track was awesome and it was very well done. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you get out and round up some friends and go see it. You will not be disappointed. We went to Ruby Tuesday’s to grab a bite to eat after the movie. We each ordered a drink, filled our bellies as we conversed about what’s new with each of us and what’s trending on the internet.

A little girl time is always needed. After eating we wrapped things up, one of my sisters was extremely tired. That’s how it is when your used to going to bed by a certain time. We took a few pics for my IG story hugged and parted ways. My other sister and I made a pit stop at Walmart. We picked a few things then headed back to our cars where we stood talking for what seemed like another hour about books we purchased and listened to on Audible. We exchanged our lists of books to get, hugged it out and then got into our cars to head home. I mean it was already about 1am. It was a great day and another wonderful memory to look back on.

How was your Saturday? Did you do anything fun? If so let me know in the comments. Thanks for hanging out with me.

Written by Kiyana411

Relationship Friday

Good Morning everyone, Happy Friday! Let’s get the weekend started right. Today is Relationship Friday and I have some tips for you. Are you ready to it get started? I hope so.
Okay so every Friday on my Instagram story I like to do relationship Friday where I provide tips or advice that you can apply to your relationship.
It’s all about trying different things and finding new ways to spend quality time with your spouse or significant other.

I’m all about spending quality time with my husband. That is a necessity for me. Let’s be honest we don’t always get the chance to spend quality time with both of us working and raising our family. We’re usually tired once the end of the week hits. All you really want to do is take the time to rest. I believe quality time is a necessity and a healthy factor in a relationship.

Today’s tip or advice or whatever you want to call it is… scheduling a couples massage.
Doesn’t that sound awesome? I mean, I’m pretty sure your just as tired at the of the week just like my husband and I are. So why not set up a couples massage for the two of you. It’s a great way to spend quality time while having fun and romance all in one. I’ve never done a couples massage but I will definitely be looking into it. What’s even better is when the massage is over the two of you can grab lunch together and enjoy some really good conversations and each other’s time.

I want to hear from you guys, have you ever had a couples massage? Did you like it or not really? You can check out Relationship Friday on my Instagram story @kiyanasworld.
Remember that all couples need to spend some quality time together. It helps to keep you connected and balanced. It’s a healthy way to maintain your relationship.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s posts. If so please like and subscribe so you’ll get notifications when new a blog post hits.

Have a blessed night.

Written by Kiyana411