It’s Throwback Thursday.

Hi guys, good morning! Happy Thursday. I hope your all off to a really great start. Today is throwback Thursday and my mommy and me pic has already been posted to my Instagram account and my Instagram story. Not to mention that PICFY, which is a photo and video editing app that I use daily, made my mommy and me pic photo of the day. I thought that was pretty cool.

Every Thursday I like to post mommy and me selfies with my mini me. I started a mommy and me page on Facebook, but I rarely use that platform anymore. I’ve shifted to Instagram as my go to platform. I didn’t really want to start another account on IG, although I really thought about it. I just had to be real with myself, I already have 3 accounts on IG and another one will make it that much harder to keep up with and post content.

I figured that I can just use my kiyana’s world account since that’s about my blogging, reviews, vlogging and mommy and me time. That account is about all things Kiyana. I enjoy sharing my mommy and me moments. I think those are great visuals for others to see. Positive images, family bonding etc…..

I’m curious how often do you post throwback pictures to your social media accounts? Let me know down in the comments. If you have any children do you partake in mommy & me or daddy & me pic’s and videos? If your posting any throwbacks for today drop your handle and platform in the comments so I can check it out.

I really do love throwback Thursday’s. Taking the time to reminisce about the past. It brings me great joy to see just how much my little munchkin has grown. I’m going to end things right here. I want you all to have an amazing day and stay blessed.

Written by Kiyana411

It’s Recap Wednesday. How’s your week shaping up?

Hi Guys, Happy Wednesday. So today is Recap Wednesday. Normally on Wednesday’s I do a recap of the beginning of the week and then take a look at the rest of the week for my Instagram story.

So I’ll bring you up to speed. This weeks recap I’m going to start with Saturday because My mini me and her dad went to the Father / Daughter Dance last Saturday night. I love seeing the two of them get dressed up every year and head out to the dance.

On Sunday my plan was to make some time so I could hang out with my sisters, because family is everything to me. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but I did get the chance to talk to my parents on Face time and do some catching up, while I did some laundry and snuck in a little bit of Netflix. If you haven’t watched the Russian Doll on Netflix, I suggest you check it out.

On Monday I had to sit and wait for the repair guy to come and fix my washing machine which totally ruined my day. I say this because I work nights and we didn’t have a set time for when he was suppose to arrive. Our window was between 8am and 5pm, Which made it hard for me to rest. To say the least, when it was time to go work; I was extremely tired.

On Tuesday, I did a little bit of self care. It’s extremely important that you take time out for yourself. Indulging in self care practices helps to keep you focused, balanced, positive and happy. We all need to ensure that we set aside a little time for Self Care. I kept it really simple this week by making some Green Tea Honey Lemon Ginseng with White Tea by Celestial Seasonings and I did some light breathing exercises using my meditation app Oak. Which brings us to today, Wednesday.

I’ll use today to work on another blog post, to keep me writing and motivated. Wednesday’s is usually when I start my countdown to the weekend. What about you? Do you countdown to the weekend?

On Thursday, I’ll be sharing some mommy and me Throwback pic’s and video. As I stated before, I live for family; It’s everything to me. I think we need to see more family driven content on social media. Parents spending time with their children. Those are some of the things that make you smile.

On Friday we have Relationship Friday, where I’ll be sharing some tips and advice on relationships. This is solely about finding different ways to spend time with your significant other.

Up in the air Saturday is what I normally call it, simply because I never know what I might be sharing for that day to my story. But this Saturday is totally different. I’ll be hanging out with my sisters for a little sister time love. I told you I love family. So there you have it, my week in a nut shell. Follow me on Instagram @kiyanasworld and check out my story.

Hope you guys have a fantastic Wednesday.

Drop a comment below and let me know how your week is shaping up so far. If you enjoyed this post or any of my other posts, be sure to comment and subscribe to my blog. Until tomorrow everyone, bye 👋.

Written by Kiyana411

Self Care Tuesday.

Hi guys, what’s up? It’s Self Care Tuesday.

I’ve been spending a good amount of time on Instagram where I utilize my Instagram Stories. So every day of the week I share something different to Instagram. On Tuesday’s I base my story around self care, So I can share different things that I practice for self care.

For today’s Self Care Tuesday, I tried the Celestial Seasonings Green Tea Honey Lemon Ginseng with White Tea. It was absolutely tasty. It has a really smooth taste and you do not need to add any sweeteners to this. Just drink it as is, which is perfect. The aroma is really light but smells wonderful. I could drink five cups of this tea; that’s how good it is. I will admit that this one did have caffeine in it but it was also gluten free. Aside from having the tea this morning, I also did some breathing exercises using this app I downloaded on my phone called Oak. It’s totally free and it tracks your progress. Just in case your looking for something to help you relax, you should check out Oak. I’m currently using an iPhone so if you have an Android I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find Oak in your App Store.

Today I wanted my self care routine to be short, simply because I’m really tired. I would like to fall asleep as quick as possible. I was hoping that I would be asleep already but trying to post to my social media accounts for Self Care Tuesday takes time. At least I am in the the bed already. I just need to wrap up this blog post, then I can put my meditation app back on and I’ll be asleep before I know it.

Keep in mind that the body has to recharge, so try taking a little bit of time out of your day for Self Care. Do what makes you feel good and what makes you happy in a positive and healthy way. Remember self care is about loving yourself from the inside out.

I’ll catch up with you guys next time. Drop a comment if you have any questions about my Self Care Tuesday Routine. You can also check it out on my Instagram Story @kiyanasworld. If you have some tips or a self care routine that you love, please share it below in the comment section.

Written by Kiyana411