I Finally Made It.

Hi guys, what’s happening? So let me just say that I finally made it. I know you’re wondering what I’m talking about. When I say that I’ve finally made it, I’m talking about this coffeehouse I found on Yelp. It’s not too far from my house and it’s small, cute and cozy. I’ve been trying to make it to this spot for the last few weekends but I just didn’t want to drive.

This week was a long week at work. I told myself this morning that I need to make it to the coffeehouse no matter what. I have a long list of things planned today. Today is my self-indulge day. I need to treat myself after the week that I’ve had. Making it to the Beans & Butter coffeehouse this morning makes me so happy. If I could sit here all day, I probably would. Initially, when I found this place on Yelp, I was really excited. At first, I thought the drive might be too far, so I kept changing my mind about coming. This morning when I decided to come I opened up Yelp to get directions to see just how far it was, and it turned out to be only a 13-minute drive.

I must say, so far so good. I love this little coffeehouse and I will definitely be coming back. So guys if you live here in Georgia, in Gwinnett County, I suggest you check out Beans & Butter Coffeehouse. I ordered the Mocha Latte and Egg and Cheese Bun. It was definitely delish. Wishing you all a happy and fabulous Saturday. I almost forgot to mention that it’s National Coffee Day! Go out and grab you some coffee. Until next time, Happy Saturday!

Written by: Kiyana411

I Officially Have A 10 yr Old.

What’s up everyone, I hope all is well with you. So let me just say that I truly can’t believe that I have a 10 yr old. Today she turned 10 and while I’m filled with excitement, I can’t believe how time flies. Just ten years ago today I wasn’t quite sure if I was in labor. I remember getting up and getting ready for work. It felt like I had really bad cramps. We actually had a doctors appointment later on that day. I remember telling my husband that today might be the day.

I told him to make sure that my bag was ready to go, because it feels like I might be in labor, but I wasn’t sure. I had to be at work by 4:30 A.M. and it definitely felt like a long time, as if the day was going by slow. I was in pain all morning and I still wasn’t sure if I was in labor. Some of my employees was telling me that I need to go home. It wasn’t until one of my supervisors came in and told me that I’m in labor. All she did was take one look at me and said girl your in labor, go call your doctor. So I did and by this time it was probably about 10 something in the morning. I called my husband and told him that I was in labor. I think by the time we got to the hospital it was about 11 or around 12 something in the afternoon. Honestly I don’t remember what time we made it to the hospital.

When I did get there we had to sign some paperwork. I did the bulk of it in advance. Then they took me to a room to monitor my contractions. I’m telling you it felt like I had really bad cramps to the 10th power. It seemed like forever. I remember the tears flowing down my face because the pain was intense. Then finally I was able to be taken to my room. I was extremely happy that I had a private room. I had to change into my hospital gown and wait until they were ready to give me the epidural. I remember being scared out of my mind because I’m not a needle person. Once that epidural kicked in I felt so much better. It didn’t take to long for me to deliver Jiya. She was born early, she was suppose to be an October baby, but I guess she said September suits her better, lol. Watching her grow and mature has been amazing and it will continue to be amazing long until she enters adulthood.

Right now my little mini me is 10. Double digits and I just can’t believe it. She is simply amazing, smart, funny, lovable, beautiful and over the top dramatic. Watching her grow from an infant to an awesome young lady, just makes my heart melt. Me a woman who never thought she would have a child now has a 10 yr old. I am truly blessed to have her in my life. It seems like yesterday I was watching her take her first steps or changing her diapers. Now she’s her own little person.

Over the weekend we celebrated her Birthday by giving her a pool party since her actual birthday is today. Later on this evening we will take her out to dinner to continue her celebration. I had lunch with her today at school and we took our mommy & me selfie like always. She had a great birthday weekend and she’ll have a wonderful Birthday as well.

Happy Birthday Jiya! Mommy loves you. I officially have a 10 yr old.

Written by : Kiyana411