Are you watching The 100 on Netflix?

Hey guys, what’s up? So here I am sitting up in bed at 4:56 in the morning. I am watching The 100 season 5 on Netflix. This show is so good. I’m wondering just how long season 5 has been available on Netflix. I’ve been binge watching a lot of good shows lately. Right now I just can’t get enough of this show. I went downstairs to get some ice cream, so I can climb back into bed and continue watching this amazing show. If you haven’t seen The 100 yet on Netflix, you should totally check it out. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

I’ll have to look and see what episode I’m currently watching. I believe that I started watching this show around 10 or 11 p.m. on Friday night and I’m still watching it. Not really sure what I’m going to do once I finish season 5…. that means I have to wait for next season to air. Okay I just checked and I’m currently watching episode 9. I had to pause it just to write this blog post.

Okay, some time has passed by and I have now finished season 5 of The 100. I really didn’t want it to come to an end, that’s how good this show really is. Now I have to wait for season 6, and I already know that it will be a while before season 6 hits Netflix. So what do I do in the mean time??? Find something else to binge of course, lol. I feel like I’m running out things to binge watch. I haven’t found anything else that sparks my interest as of yet on Netflix. I guess I’ll leave my thoughts right here. If your looking for something great to watch on Netflix, again I say check out The 100. Which is about 100 exiles sent from space back to earth to if the earth is habitable after the 1st apocalypse.

Have you seen The 100? If so leave a comment. If you haven’t seen it leave a comment.

Written By Kiyana411.

Lunch Date With The Hubby .

Hi guys, what’s up? About two weekends ago the hubby and I had a lunch date. It definitely had been a awhile since the hubby and I went out on a date. So I started thinking that we need to do a date night. I mean Saturday nights are perfect for date night. Jiya went to visit my mom for the week with my sister, so it only made sense to plan a date night with my boo.

I think it might of been Monday when I asked my husband if he had anything planned for Saturday because I wanted to do date night. It blew my mind when he told me that he had an event he had to shoot that night at 9pm. My husband has his own Multi Media Business called Creative Arts USA, and with having your own business you have to keep busy. I was very disappointed because it’s not that often that we go out and spend time together just the two of us. In my mind I just knew we weren’t going to be able to make date night happen, plus he had a few things that he needed to get done early on Saturday morning, so date night is pretty much non existent at this point.

I kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best. As the week went by and Saturday finally approached us, my husband let me know that he was getting up early to take care of whatever he needed to do with his truck and afterwards we could do something. Meanwhile I was home and talking to some friends on the House Party app. I figured if the hubby gets back home at a decent time he can lay back down for awhile then we can get up and get out. I really wanted to do dinner but lunch is just as good. So we decided on lunch and a movie.

The perfect place for both of those things was Studio Movie Grill, watch a movie and grub all at the same time, even have a couple of drinks. I was like a kid in a candy store. Our lunch date was absolutely perfect. I had a wonderful time with my boo. We ordered burgers, nachos and I had a Strawberry Margarita and he had a beer. The food was delish, totally amazing. Either that or I was really hungry, lol. We went to go see Uncle Drew which was a really great movie. Very funny and had a really good cast. You’ll laugh from beginning to end.

If you haven’t seen it make sure you go and check it out, and I suggest you make it a Studio Movie Grill date. When your in a relationship or marriage you really have to make the time to spend with each other. At the end of the day it’s about spending time and it doesn’t matter what you plan as long as your doing it together. We kept our lunch date simple and We had a blast. I truly enjoyed my lunch date with the hubby. placeholder://written Kiyana411.