Cheating on Snapchat with Instagram.

Is it possible for me to cheat on my Snapchat with my Instagram? I know it sounds crazy 😜 but I’ve been spending a lot more time on Instagram and putting together my Instagram stories than I have on Snapchat. I find it a little bit odd. I absolutely love my Snapchat, but why am I creating less content on Snapchat versus Instagram? What am I missing from Snapchat that has me creating more content on Instagram? Or should I say what is it about Instagram that has me so wrapped up?

Every morning I open up Snapchat and post my good morning snap. Some days that’s all I post. I usually check out the newest filters for the day and take a few selfies, if they have any good ones. Maybe I need to change the way I’m using Snapchat. I don’t see as much engagement on my Snapchat like I use too. Maybe that’s it, engagement is down. Usually I cross promote my content on all my social media platforms. Maybe it’s just to much to keep up with.

I’m really trying to think what is it about Instagram that has me coming back for more. So I asked a few people for their thoughts on which platform they like or love more. Well I received mixed results on the matter. Some people love using Snapchat more than Instagram although they started out on Instagram. And others prefer Instagram although they still like and use Snapchat. So far those I spoke with like both platforms, but agreed that their are two different audiences that’s being catered too so therefore they are using each platform differently.

I fell in love with Snapchat because it allowed me to create stories and I enjoyed the filters. If you haven’t read my other blog post Snapchat Filters Give Me Life, you should check it out. I loved the fact that they made the videos longer, and I enjoyed the engagement. Plus Snapchat is just plain fun and it’s something I can also do with my daughter. Whenever I’m out of town, the first thing I do is Snap it. Now it seems like I’m not sure if I should Snap first or do Instagram, since I’m able to use Instagrams live feature.

I’m really liking the Instagram stories and using the boomerang feature for certain things and now they have polls which creates more engagement. I can’t forget the Gifs feature they rolled out along with the new Type feature.

Have you tried out any of the Instagram features? They could do better with the filters, it doesn’t compete with SnapChat. Everything else I’m truly digging. So in a nutshell, I’m spending more time on Instagram simply because the engagement level is up when it comes to Instagram stories and I like the new features that have been added.

So yes, I can honestly say that I’m cheating on my Snapchat with Instagram. It’s definitely a lot of work trying to maintain both platforms with creating content. I wouldn’t dare let one of them go. I will say this… you should come check out my Snap story Cheating on Snapchat with Instagram. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. You can find me on Snapchat as pinkzebragirlkm and you can find me on Instagram as Kiyana411.

I must admit I’ve been working on this post for some time now, and guess what? Snapchat has had an update that rolled out some new features. I couldn’t believe it… I watched a friends snap story and noticed something different. Snapchat rolled out a new text feature and added GIFs, Finally. I was so excited that I honestly believe that Snapchat knew I was being unfaithful to him. He knew that Instagram was giving me something he couldn’t. He realized that I was slipping away and he wanted to mend my heart.

Well guess what, I was working on a snap to add to my story and realized that I can no longer find the GIFS feature. I’m really ticked off. I just used it yesterday for a Women’s Day Snap, and now it seems like they’ve tossed the feature. Come to find out that Snapchat and Instagram has disabled the GIFs feature, due to a couple of incidents on both platforms with a GIF that was supposedly banned. So as of right now you cannot use the GIF feature on either one of those platforms. Now I will admit that those GIFs was one of the reasons I started using Insta more. Believe it or not, although the feature is disabled, I’m still creating more content on Instagram instead of Snapchat. This affair is real, I can’t choose one over the other. Both platforms gives me a piece of their love in some form or fashion, so to speak. All I’m saying is that both bring a little something different to the table. I guess I’ll be continuing this affair with both Apps. Do feel just like me? If so leave a comment. Which one do you prefer, Snap or IG? Drop a comment below.

Written by : Kiyana411