Sometimes you just have to get out of the house.

Today is Saturday December 2nd. I love being off on the weekends, because I get to rest or plan things with my family. When I got off of work this morning, I just knew that today would be a day spent inside. I had been looking forward to just curling up on my sofa in my comfy sweats and a blanket while binge watching something on Netflix.

When I walked through the door this morning the first thing I did was put everything down, and plug in my phone. I had to make sure that I posted to my social media accounts. I’m really trying to stay consistent with posting regularly. After that was all taken care of, I decided to get on I absolutely love that app. If you don’t know what it is, go to the App Store and download it. After creating my musically story, I shared it to my social media accounts of course.

Once I had enough of being on my phone, I went upstairs to change into my sweats and get cozy. It was definitely time for me to turn on the tube. I turned on the television and turned to Netflix, after scrolling through the menu, I couldn’t decide what to watch, so I simply put on Frosty the snowman. I love that cartoon, it never gets old. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep on the sofa. I guess, I slept until about noon or one O’clock. The hubby had left to go to the store, and when he walked back in he asked if I wanted to do anything today. I was really comfortable where I was, curled up on the sofa with my blanket.

Part of me didn’t want to get up or get dressed. It really didn’t matter if we left the house or not. That’s how comfortable I felt, plus I didn’t plan on doing anything today. So I kept the thought in the back of my mind, and went back to watching Netflix. I found this show called DARK, it’s a Netflix original series. You guys should definitely check it out. After watching a few episodes, I told Jiya to get dressed, then I got dressed, and I did her hair, then went to fix everyone something to eat. After we all ate, we sat around waiting for my hubby to say let’s go.

Then we were off, at this time it had to be around four O’clock or a little later. My husband had no idea where we were going, we just knew that we wanted to get out of the house. So we piled into the car and drove off. We ended up going to Microcenter to look around a bit. We ended up getting me a backup battery pack to charge my phone on the go. After leaving there, we went to Target so I could visit a friend and so Jiya could browse the toy aisle. This way I’d have some idea on what to get her for Christmas. Our next stop was the mall, we went to Sugarloaf Mills and walked around like we normally do. I was really hoping to find some pink pjs for Jiya and I. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anything. I enjoyed this whole time that we’ve been out of the house.

Riding around in the car listening to some oldies but goodies made me feel like I was in a scene from a movie. Just spending time with my family felt good. After leaving the mall we went to grab something to eat and head home. Although I was totally geared up to stay inside for the day, I’m really glad that we chose to get out of the house. If we never left the house I’d be wondering where my day went. If I never decided to leave the house, I’d be kicking myself right now, for not getting out and enjoying the day all because I was really feeling lazy and content. Sometimes you just have to get out of the house.

Have you ever felt this way? Let me know down below in the comments.

Written by : Kiyana411